Scandinavian Accent


‘’Scandinavian Accent’’
Whisky Dinner

A ‘club’ is just a name. We bring open-minded, a thirsty for knowledge and adventure Whisk(e)y lovers and guide them on their journey through selection of interesting Whiskies.

This is a unique opportunity to attend a tasting in partnership with one of our favourite, and most specialised, producers. Join our four-course whisky tasting dinner, where you will be guided through four different expressions of Mackmyra Swedish Whisky plus ” a surprise bottle from the very special, Mackmyra Moment collection”… Not only will the Mackmyra whisky feature in your glass, but our Executive Head Chef will be incorporating the single malt into their cooking, too.

Our guest speaker will be on hand throughout the evening to answer your questions as you sip your way through one of the best Swedish single malts on offer.